New Wide 7 13/16″ Inswing Thresholds w/Composite Base

Endura INSWING Threshold – 7 13/16″ x 3′ (36″) Uncut or 6′ (72″) Uncut in Dark Bronze Finish or Mill Finish

These Thresholds from Endura are turning out to be very popular. When you need a wider threshold, but don’t want to add extenders, these are great. The composite bottom will never rot, like pine may do, when it stays wet.  The adjustability is a full 3/16″ up and down from the minimum to the maximum height on the cap. The screws are even covered with caps to hide them. All in all, it is a great threshold, when you need a wider sill. It is available in both a mill (aluminum finish) and a dark bronze finish.

The New Composite base Inswing Threshold is made of different made up of a combination of materials that do not rot, such as wood might in a wet environment.

This  7 13/16” Threshold has a Composite piece under the whole length of the Threshold.  This also has a Metal Edge on the side where the Oak Adjustable Cap piece is.    These Thresholds also have Plastic Screw Caps on the Adjustable Cap to hide the screws.


Endura’s Inswing Thresholds have the capability to shield against wind and water infiltration.

New larger width on an INSWING threshold. 7 13/16″

This Inswing Threshold has an Adjustable Oak Cap.

The Oak Capped measurement is: At the lowest setting: 1 3/8″ and you can raise it up to 1 9/16″ for a total of 3/16″ up and down.

This Inswing Threshold is Anodized Aluminum, but in Dark Bronze finish.

The manufacturer is Endura Door Component Systems.

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