ADA Inswing Exterior Door Threshold- Mill Finish- 1/ 2” x 6 9/16” x 72”

ADA Compliant Inswing Threshold- 6’ ( 72” )

Size is: 1/2″ Thick x 6 9/16”” Width x 72″ Length

Endura’s ADA compliant sills are the only of its kind tested to a DP25 level of performance and protection. Testing has proven that a dam provides a sill with a positive barrier to wind driven air and water infiltration, and is conducive to proper contact between the door bottom and sill, which is crucial to the insulation and maintenance of a structure.

ADA guidelines specify that a compliant door threshold can be no more than one half of an inch tall. Our innovative sills meet this requirement, enabling wheelchair access while providing the highest performing ADA compliant sill possible.
Offers tested and proven performance in an ADA compliant sill featuring a continuous dam.


  • All Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Innovative Dame feature while maintaining ADA sill Height compliance
  • Increased contact with Door Bottom

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